Hormone Profile Testing

Hormones are fat soluble molecules, which means that they need to be in an environment where they are surrounded by fat molecules.

Hormone Profile Testing:

Our hormones are constantly fluctuating in our body and are reactive to our physical response to external stressors. Whether we are happy, sad, nervous, excited or anxious our body is wanting to always achieve balance.  Over the years this balance begins to shift, allowing aging and the disease process to set in.  The following hormones are important in maintaining balance within the body:

Cortisol- produced by the adrenal gland, responsible for heart rate, breathing, gastric juices, response to stress, not enough cortisol release causes fatigue to set in, too much causes inflammation

Estrogen- hormone predominantly in women, responsible for fertility, skin, bones, hair

Progesterone- predominantly a female hormone, responsible for fertility and pregnancy, sleep, relaxation, menstrual cycle

DHEA- both a female and male hormone.  It is a precursor to producing testosterone and helps balance the negative effects of over produced cortisol

Testosterone- mostly a male hormone, but also found in females.  It plays a role in maintaining muscle mass, energy and libido

Types of Testing

  • Cortisol (2 and 4 point)

  • Female Hormone Panel

  • Male Hormone Panel

  • Estrogen Profile Panel (preventative testing to avoid estrogen dominant cancers)

Hormones can be measured via blood, urine and saliva, with each having its' own advantages and purpose.

Reasons for Testing

  • Fertility

  • PCOS

  • Perimenopausal

  • Postmenopausal

  • Male menopause

  • Low libido

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Hair loss

  • Muscle mass loss

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding