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Massage Therapy Services

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissue.  More specifically, the muscles, joints, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons, and even lymphatic tissue.  It encourages the body's ability to eliminate toxins through the skin.  Massage increases blood circulation to deficient areas and promotes a fresh nutrient supply via blood flow to the cells.   Massage helps promote a sense of well being, relaxation and mood enhancement.  Our massage therapist is regulated and provide receipts for extend health care coverage.  Some insurance companies require a medical doctors' prescription for coverage to be eligible.

Who can benefit from massage therapy?

Research supports the use of massage for pain relief, anxiety, depression, improved blood pressure, and it can even improve your heart rate.

Other conditions that benefit from massage:

  • Soft tissue injury

  • Muscle tension or soreness

  • Hip pain

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Sports injuries

  • Stress

  • Headaches

  • Poor circulation

  • Post-surgery swelling or edema

  • Congested lymphatic system

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Prenatal